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Bluesky painting sydney has been proudly providing professional painting services in the Sydney Metropolitan area for over 15 years now. Our painters have extensive experience in all residential and commercial painting, whether it is a new job or a repaint.

We are fully licensed and insured, and provide quality workmanship at the most competitive prices. Being a family business, we are small enough to be personal and care, as well as big enough to handle any sized job.

Our success over the years is based on the high standard quality service and dependability we have maintained and continue to provide, and the amount of referrals that we receive is testimony to our professionalism and service.

Our motto is:

“Best Price & Best Service!”

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Blue Sky Painting Sydney is your interior, exterior, Residential

specialist. We provide top quality services in painting & Decorating

at a Competitive price. All work guaranteed.




We are a team of painters in sydney ,we are licenced painters in sydney , our painters all have over 10 years painting Experience.


Our service prices below fair type, we do not advocate this industry pressure to let our price point, do not advocate driving up the price of speculation, these two approaches in fact, no matter what industry are undoubtedly just digging its own grave, we just I hope that we can do it with a clear conscience on an equitable basis.


We communicate well and customers have been identified, we will strive to do our best, inadequate reaction of customers to us we will be listening corrections, service process, we will be in accordance with customer requirements to complete the work of the indicators, such as the face any errors or omissions or we will immediately correct perfect.


We usually use we recognized as the best paint brand Dulux paint for construction dulux English, but not sure which one we paint the best and the worst, we know now what Advertising Age, insignificant thing as long as there money market do have a future, the brand does not mean that something is good or bad, as we dwell only Dulux to scrub (wash ware), as this is in fact the essence of their advertising is one of the reasons led us to misunderstanding.

Free Painting

If your project quoted at $ 5,000 or more, you will get a chance to free repair for a period of three years.
The so-called free repair means, not all of repainting, just the same with the original paint on the walls of some special old repainted again. We will record the paint type and name of each customer uses.

what are we services

Residential and Commercial,interior or external painting services

Painting Services Whether your property is residential housing or retail store is a new or old property Property is indoors or outdoors, we can for you to make the necessary repairs and paint services, generally have the following distinction. 1 New Property Interior comprising: a ceiling may face (ceiling), walls, doors, windows, frames, lines, foot spray or roller, and pre-paint process until the successful completion of the mid-late paint work. Outdoor may contain: plaster board and can eaves wood, pipes, outside walls, iron products, fence, cement surface, such as spray or roller, and pre-paint process until the successful completion of the mid-late paint work. Generally primer again, finish 2-3 times. 2 Old properties (ibid.) Top of the wall generally do not need a primer, door frames and other times you may need a primer, paint 2-3 times.

Special effect paint decoration service

Special effects Decoration Services includes imitation marble granite pure metallic nostalgic 1,000 kinds of special effects decorative decor Services


Wallpaper Service


Gyprock plasterboard partition wall building maintenance services and housing renovation


Cleaning services

Painting FAQ

Types of paint to use.

Paint types is more complicated, but it is divided summary, a total of two major types, one called water-based paint, oil paint called.
As the name suggests, water-based paint is diluted with water or clean, but a lot of oil paint diluted with clean species, the most used are mineral turpentine (thinner or Vladimir water) and mineral spirits (industrial alcohol mineral oil). Next, the following We will be going to describe several common paint of a different nature and purpose.

A primer for general use and no media paint surface level, few finish laying the foundation for the later. (Divided into water and oil)

2 FLAT paint ceiling paint is generally used in the ceiling surface, paint with less sensitive nature. (Divided into water and oil)

3 low sheen paint or MATT or GLOSS generally used for wall painting. (MATT and GLOSS divided into water and oil)

4 GLOSS wood products are generally used for brushing, points High Gloss and Semi Gloss high sensitivity and sub-sensitive, generally with oily excess water retention, but water-based can be maintained longer. (Divided into water and oil)

5 Special Arts and varnish for wood varnishes Varnishes are generally more upscale mahogany, ebony, the effect can be clearly seen after the role of the wood grain, the more high-end style. (Divided into water and oil)

How to deal with moldy ceiling?

Smallpox ceiling moldy how to deal with?

There are three essential moldy ceiling premise: appropriate temperature, humidity above 80, mold spores. Eliminating any premise not moldy.

1, look at the temperature, the temperature of the human body feel comfortable is the growth of mold temperature, no way, can not change;

2, look at mold spores, very small, flapping in the wind, windows stopping it, he can easily go into your room, it can not be eliminated.

3, and finally the humidity, he needs 80 more humidity, precisely because we hate the humidity, and now there are many ways to reduce humidity without causing us discomfort.

First, we have to do is check the ceiling or corner houses have no water leaking, moldy ceiling to find the reason, if it is because of water seepage and humidity inside the room is too high or caused by, and finding solutions to these problems. You can also use a professional wall in addition to mold agent, may be short wall completely kill mold, but can also alter the structure of the corresponding parts of the wall, the wall to prevent mold growth.
Then is the approach on the ceiling moldy. It can start with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol wipe, if less severe, wiping twenty-three lower mold can be removed. In addition there is mold method is to use the 84 disinfectant. But it is easy to irritate the skin, so be sure to wear rubber gloves when you remember to use, and use water to wash.
However, if the above methods are used to solve the problem or not, we must thoroughly dealt with: the choice of mold coating can be roller 2-3 times.

What brand of paint is best quality in Australia?

It is recognized as the best general DULUX paints, but personally think actually like Taubmans and wattyl certainly not bad. For example, the universal primer DULUX DULUX 1 Step Acrylic Primer, Sealer & Undercoat and TAUBMANS have Taubmans 3 in 1, DULUX wall paint can be cleaned TAUBMANS have Endure series of environmental tasteless super scrub, DULUX kitchen bathroom mildew paint DULUX Wash & Wear Kitchen & Bathroom and TUBMANS have Endure series of Wash & Wear Kitchen and Bathroom, DULUX have NeverMiss One Coat Ceiling White never missed just over the white stucco ceiling. And TUBMANS have Endure series of One Coat Ceiling FLAT, there are many more examples do not list them, in short, good or bad just different level of competition and the name, is really compare it did not feel much difference, but the only possible just DULUX the more carefully paint a series of points of some. The only eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom.

Inside of the house, how to remove Paint smell?

Usually based paint could not smell what flavor, only oil-based paint will be with intense smells, indeed hazardous to human health. I generally think only rely on ventilation. But they are not experts in this area, then the following article I published a switched network to be all validate the method 1
Candle in the house point can effectively remove paint fumes, economic and affordable! Of course, be careful not to smoke bad wall!
Milk paint fumes in addition to tips to boil milk poured on the plate, then the plate placed in freshly painted cabinets, cabinet doors shut tight, over five hours or so, paint fumes can be removed.
Oil decorated a new wall or floor, often emitting a pungent paint fumes, and for a long time left in the interior, people confused and uncomfortable. Then you can put the two basins in the indoor salt water, paint fumes will soon be eliminated. If the wood furniture exudes Qiwei, can scrub with tea a few times, paint fumes will be eliminated faster. Fabric sofa is food contamination, to clear immediately. If juice, tea and other pollution, first with paper towels to absorb moisture, then wiped the kitchen * washing liquid, and finally wipe with water. * Chocolate and other oil dirt, then wipe with a volatile oil.
Paint smell in the air of harmful substances mainly benzene, toluene and xylene, these harmful substances on the human body great harm. Major cleanup methods are three kinds: the first one at home, place the plants can absorb harmful substances such as: spider plants, aloe vera, Sansevieria, jasmine, lilac, honeysuckle, morning glory and the like. Second, the use of live * carbon adsorption packet filter harmful gases to achieve clear results. Note that when using live * carbon package does not package the bigger the better, to put a few more points in the same room, so the effect will be much better absorbed. Third, if the room is large and difficult to place special flavor, it is necessary to ask a professional air management company, spraying photocatalyst be treated to ensure safety.
Played container of cold water, then add the appropriate amount of vinegar in a ventilated room, and open the door furniture. This will not only protect the top of the wall right amount of moisture evaporation coating surface, but also to eliminate the residual odor absorption;
Buy pineapple put several in each room, a large room can put some more. Because pineapple is crude fiber fruits, both play absorb the paint fumes can be reached distribute the fragrance of pineapple flavor, odor removal accelerate the speed, played a best of both worlds;
To quickly remove residual paint fumes, use citric acid soaked cotton balls, hanging in the indoor and wood furniture;
Newly renovated houses often have days of receiving water and other pungent smell of chemical raw materials, to break open the belly of a jackfruit (resembling a tropical fruit durian, but not put Durian Durian ah !! can be bad! ) on the inside, because the jackfruit individual large (generally big watermelon), a very strong flavor, a few days you can smell the light absorption;
You can go to the market to pick some high-tech cleaner cured flavor, it can remove the newly renovated rooms, new furniture emit harmful gases. According to the source, these cured flavor cleaners are generally imported products, the use of ammonia compounds chemically react with hazardous substances, which played a role in cleaning cured flavor. In the newly renovated rooms, you can put this cured flavor detergent into the dish, the dish were placed in each room, combined with the scrubbing method cured flavor, after several days can effectively remove unpleasant odor;
Put orange peel, lemon peel and other items in the room, but also a very effective method to taste, but they do not bear fruit very quickly;
You can put salt water basins in the interior, paint fumes will soon be eliminated. If the wood furniture exudes Qiwei, you can scrub with tea a few times, paint fumes also eliminate some of the faster;
The most affordable way to beautify the home is put on the right course, plants can absorb formaldehyde in the home cactus plants, spider plants, Gerbera (aka gerbera), reeds, ivy, cycads, chrysanthemum and the like; and the elimination of xylene flowers there ivy, cycads, chrysanthemum and the like;
Monstera: also known as Turtle banana, banana pont to, wire lotus, dragon through the palm, evergreen vine. Flower proverb says, “Monstera skills strong, carbon dioxide out of light”, which at night has a strong absorption characteristics of carbon dioxide, than other flowers for more than 6 times. Canna: banana, also known as safflower, corn flower, Pteris flowers, soothing ginger. Flower proverb says, “Canna anti * strong, sulfur dioxide it down”, it has a strong absorption of sulfur dioxide.
Pomegranate: also known as pomegranate, pomegranate sea, if Dan. Flower proverb says, “flower pomegranate red as fire, both flower and ornamental fruit, air lead do not want to hide,” indoor swing a two basins pomegranate can reduce the lead content in the air.
Carnation: also known as Luoyang flowers, grass pink, perennial herb, Dianthus many types, summer and fall flowering. Flower proverb says, “grass carnation iron magnanimous, can light gas cleaning”, which has the ability to absorb sulfur dioxide and chlorides, where a place similar gases, can grow carnation.
Pittosporum: Pittosporum, also known as the Pearl of incense, Pungent, evergreen shrub, summer flowering, leaf green light, evergreen does not wither. Flower proverb says, “Pungent smoke reduction, but also a good plant sound”, it can absorb the photochemical smog, but also dust and noise. Rose, Rose: Flower proverb says, “Rose Rose magnanimous big swallow poison gas can digest,” the two flowers absorb more hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen fluoride, phenol, ether and other harmful gases, reducing pollution of these gases.
Daisy, Evergreen: Daisy, also known as Marguerite, Chun Ju, Xiaoya Ju, glass-ju, head Malan flower. Flower proverb says, “daisy evergreen, in addition to pollution fight in the van,” the two plants can effectively remove trifluoroacetic pollution ethylene.
Chrysanthemum, cycads, growing vine: Flower proverb says, “chrysanthemum grown cycads vine, can benzene gas suction clean,” the three flowers, have the ability to suck benzene, benzene can reduce pollution.
Spider plants, aloe vera: Flower proverb says, “spider plants are strong opponents of aloe, formaldehyde scared hiding away,” the two flowers to eliminate pollution of formaldehyde, air purification.
Formaldehyde Scavenger Formaldehyde can cause glare new home inside, pungent, throat discomfort. Formaldehyde (HCHO) World Health Organization has been identified as carcinogenic and teratogenic substances, is a recognized source of allergy, can cause respiratory diseases, women, irregular menstruation, birth defects, ME * spiritual depression, severe cases can lead to respiratory tract, skin, digestive tract cancer.
Formaldehyde Scavenger visible current market can penetrate the internal sheet on formaldehyde free artificial molecules adsorbed initiative to capture and react, once the reaction of non-toxic polymer compound, will never break down, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly and effectively eliminate formaldehyde.
Nano-materials, environmental protection technology painting: it in the production process, adding a nano-composite material degradation mechanism is in the light conditions, these harmful substances into carbon dioxide, water and harmless organic acid. The favorite painting hanging in the room, that is elegant and chic, but also purify the indoor environment, it touches on a policy of both worlds. Generally bedroom, living room to hang a picture, newly renovated rooms hopes immediately check or pollution serious (than regular smokers), I hope a little more air ions, can also hang a few more paintings.

where sell paint,Where select color in sydney?

Although not feel like a problem, but I often received such a call asking me this question on the Sydney paint shop where the most convenient way to skillfully Australia Google http://www.google.com.au search engine to find, English is good is more convenient to go to their respective brand’s official website to find. I’ve listed a few of the following official website for your reference.
1 nearby store Discover Dulux
Sydney Dulux paint shop dulux

2 nearby stores Discover Taubmans of pottery 布曼斯
Sydney Taubmans Tao Bu Mansi Paint Shop

Nearby stores Discover Bangning Si 3 Bunnings Building Materials Trade Center
Sydney Bunnings Bang Ningsi

Incidentally reminded of the following, if you need to check the color or choose paint colors in the paint shop can also, by the way I also list and Taubmans Dulux paint color selection Tao Bu Mansi address

1 nearby store Discover Dulux
Sydney, Australia paint color Dulux paint shop dulux

2 nearby stores Discover Taubmans of pottery 布曼斯
Sydney, Australia Taubmans paint color paint shop of pottery 布曼斯


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